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Filthy Figments is home of the internet’s premiere collection of Erotic Comics by an amazing lineup of cartoonists. We were established June 1, 2010 with just six artists, one hundred pages in our archive, and a dream to put more diverse adult comics out into the world. Since then, we have published works from over fifty talented artists and over 10,000 pages of wonderfully diverse and sexy digital comics!

Emphasizing strong narratives and well-developed characters is how Filthy Figments has made a unique voice for itself in the world of adult comics. The stories we publish explore subjects like gender, queerness, and body image and feature a variety of artistic styles, genres, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes! We believe that people of all genders and orientations can find something to enjoy in our honest approach to sexuality.

In 2015, our team of creators served up a successful Kickstarter for FOOD PORN, an erotic exploration of our connection to each other through food memories and sensations. We topped off each story with a deliciously fun and functional recipe from the creator completing the pure joy and whimsy of the project! Food Porn was a finalist in the 2017 Prism Awards and is in its second printing.

Celebrating our eighth anniversary publishing quality erotic comics, Filthy Figments launched a new sexy print anthology project. SCORE! brings you a brand new lineup of erotic sports comics. Nineteen of our creators teamed up to celebrate heated rivalries, deep friendships, and everything fun between first base and home runs.

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